Peter Horgan

Peter grew up in the Midwest until relocating to Colorado in 2009 to attend Colorado State University. He discovered his passion for climbing during his years at CSU, and took off and ran with it. At the present time he is pursuing a Master's Degree in Environmental Management to further his knowledge in conservation and advocacy.

He believes it's more than just being a climber, being a steward of our climbing resources is where it matters most.


Dax Myers

Before moving to Gunnison in 2008 Dax had always maintained an appreciation for the natural world but it was only surface-deep. National park overlooks and designated trails make viewing our treasures a largely safe endeavor. The expansive recreational opportunities of the Gunnison Valley largely changed this mindset. Through climbing, Dax has learned humbling lessons and true reverence for places where roads are afraid to venture and the only way out is up. Stone is resilient but it does not speak for itself. Climbing fostered his love for the natural world but loving a place isn’t enough. True love for our invaluable outdoor resources requires a willingness to give back. Gunnison Valley Climbers was founded out of that idea and is a way for us to give back to a valley that has already given us so much.

Jay Dirtbag Myers.jpg

Jay Myers

Jay grew up on the plains of Oklahoma and found climbing in Arkansas. After climbing for two years, he realized he needed to move west. That inclination landed him in Gunnison where he has chased climbing all over the American west. Because of many hits to head and his love for blue-collar fun and rock dust, he has helped in updating climbing hardware in the valley.